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Specifically add automation, efficiency and accuracy to all of your laboratory processes, from ordering to reporting.
Lenava LIMS
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Have your lab in the palm of your hand!

Truly with Lenava LIMS software deployed in your laboratory, every single process is under control. In fact it projects a complete and consolidated overview of the samples, tests and workflows.
Also It enables you to simultaneously track changes throughout the sample lifecycle and generates a comprehensive log of every action performed on it.

Our Core Values
Stay focused, we back you up.

Namely sample location and tracking, reagents and consumables inventory, instruments integration, development, optimization and expansion of workflows, high configurability, modularity, and report generation.

So these are all the features of Lenava LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) supporting your laboratory to move beyond your customer’s  expectations.

What we can do for you
Lab Management, at the most effective way
Sample, data and instruments management

Also you are able to dynamically execute sample accessioning and data management as the core function of your laboratory software

Workflow Management and process monitoring

Add automation and optimization to your laboratory and organize any scientific workflow into trackable steps with features

Data analysis and advanced reporting

To sum up it provides you with a complete set of advanced data reporting and analyzing tools to help you make smarter decisions for your business

Completed Tests
Completed Projects
Cultivating New Ideas

Interactive data visualizations with Intuitive Interface

In fact this platform is based on the latest version of laravel framework which brings you an extensive overview of your laboratory with intuitive dashboards.

Besides it is available on smartphones and tablets. To clarify it lets you manage tasks and work inside and outside your facilities and continuously stay connected to your laboratory.

Lenava LIMS at a glance
How we help you to deliver accurate, efficient and reliable results
Optimize workflow
Simultaneously and dynamically modify workflow according to activities and future changes
Intuitive interface
Additionally most importantly user friendly design to eliminate complexity in order to help you make the most of your laboratory management software
Sample lifecycle control
Constantly track sample and store information through its lifecycle
Instrument management
Easily calibrate, maintain and integrate lab instruments
Cutting-edge Platform
As well based on Laravel framework with expressive and elegant syntax
Dynamic Scheduling
Even schedule multiple jobs, tasks and alarms like email creation, equipment maintenance and workload assignments
Advanced Reporting
On the whole comprehensive and customized result report
Mobile Device Integration
Certainly access your laboratory management software on your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime
ISO 17025 Compliance
Finally fulfill all the technical requirements in ISO 17025 for lab work with Lenava LIMS
Lenava LIMS on cloud

Cloud-based Lenava LIMS is what makes your laboratory perfect!

That is to say cloud-based platform, with its extra customizability and scalability, enhance and optimize your laboratory workflows.
Besides it has a robust and secure infrastructure, configured to meet your exact needs.
Fast Implementation
Likewise defined system workflows and undergone validation makes cloud the fastest way of LIMS implementation
Less need for internal IT support
Of course no need to spend on hardware purchase, installation, and maintenance
Automatic updates
Furthermore automatic infrastructure update to deal with upcoming challenges
High security
Equally important built-in data encryption to increase data security
Documentation Module
Standard +
Test Quality Ckeck
Collecting Documentations
Documents Classifications
Different QC reporting tools
Advanced Analysis Results
Customer Service Module
Advanced +
Customer Dashboard
Customer Message Delivery
Online Test Requesting
Project Result Tracking
Online Customer Feedback
Price & Plans
Manage your laboratory with affordable price
Above all from R&D to manufacturing, it offers extensive functionalities. Moreover you can easily fine-tune a solution to fit your laboratory’s unique workflow.
Of course our different plans with extra modularity and customizability, help you to prepare a software structure an affordable price that suits your laboratory the most.
WHY choose US

Lenava LIMS, A leading laboratory needs a leading software!

Hence accuracy, efficiency and productivity are the building blocks of a high-qualified lab. Additionally it acts as an additional team member, automating workflows, tracking all the information a lab generates each day.

Also it can effectively improve lab efficiency and staff productivity through electronic order, sample, test and result management to accelerate your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lenava LIMS FAQs

Briefly sample tracking and management, scheduling laboratory tasks and events,  automating workflow, instrument management and integration, inventory and supply management, quality assurance and quality control, automating reporting and data analyzing are the key functions of It.

In fact our software engineering team’s purpose is to keep your laboratory at the edge of technology. We have used the latest and most innovative frameworks and we update our software continuously.

  • PHP version: 8.0
  • Laravel version: 8.12
  • HTML 5 – Bootstrap 4 – CSS 3
  • Database: MySQL SQLite SQL server

To illustrate implementing Lenava LIMS software in your laboratory will help you to achieve regulatory compliance and certifications easily. It provides every lab using it with standardizing the data generated and collected in the lab every day,  maintaining records of the chain of custody and capturing more details with automating processes.

To sum up our product is ISO 17025 compatible. It eliminates the need for supplier audits and verifies robustness, capability, and efficiency of operation workflow.