Mining and Metals

Lab Management, at the most effective way!

Mining, Materials and Metals LIMS

A mining, metal and materials laboratory deals with a diverse variety of samples. These samples come from different places so analyzing methods may range widely.
On the other hand, having a flexible template will boost your configuration process in order to achieve the best result. Companies dealing with mineral extraction, metal processing and mining, understand the requirement of a robust laboratory management software.

Lenava LIMS

Lenava LIMS provided by Lenava engineering group will provide you with useful preconfigured modules to ease the implementation process.
  • Supporting wide range of minerals and tests
  • Reduced implementation and configuration process and cost
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
On the spot tracking
Likewise track sample from through reception, testing and result delivering procedure
Secure data storage
Of course safely store the data associated with the sample analysis and lab workflow
Instrument Management
Indeed easily calibrate, maintain and integrate lab instruments
ISO 17025 Compatible
Finally be sure about your lab meeting the latest standards
Best LIMS for metals Industry
Metals industry tests range extremely wide. It varies from initial tests on samples to mechanical, physical and metallurgical tests on products. In addition lab software must demonstrate a high level of integration with other systems like process and quality control systems. Broad diversity of analytical instruments like elemental and physical analyzers, advanced microscopes and many other devices to check the product meeting the standards, need a powerful lab software to integrate. Lenava LIMS provides you with a complete set of functions supporting every metal laboratory.
  • Full sample management system
  • Sample creation and reception
  • Test and work assignments
  • Result entry and specification and limits checking
  • Review and approval
  • Certification and report generation
  • Instruments integration
  • Eliminate manual transcription errors
  • Real time data sharing through online publication of results
  • Check compliance of results within specification limits
  • Automatically submit data to relevant user for approval