Oil and Gas

Lab Management, at the most effective way!
Top LIMS software for oil and gas testing laboratories

Specifically, the oil and Gas Industry leverages advanced testing laboratories in every sector. Besides these sectors include upstream (exploration and analyzing samples), midstream (transportation of oil and natural gas to refineries), downstream (distribution of refineries products) and research and development.

  • First boosted productivity and efficiency
  • Second Sample management with extra connectivity across the lab and organization
  • Third define tests and inspections according to the desired manufacturing process
  • Forth advanced dashboard capabilities to provide at a glance view over oil and gas laboratory
  • Finally predefined templates for sample registration and workflow management to reach an exhaustive control over processes
On the spot tracking
Likewise track sample from through reception, testing and result delivering procedure
Secure data storage
Of course safely store the data associated with the sample analysis and lab workflow
Instrument Management
Indeed easily calibrate, maintain and integrate lab instruments
ISO 17025 Compatible
Finally be sure about your lab meeting the latest standards
Lenava LIMS advantages for oil and gas testing laboratories

Truly performing a complete set of different tests in each phase of petrochemical production is a necessity to achieve a high-quality product. Purity, presence of contaminants and type of compositions should be determined accurately. Advanced laboratory data management software can be really helpful to overcome these challenges.

  • Full sample management system
  • Sample creation and reception
  • Test and work assignments
  • Result entry and specification and limits checking
  • Review and approval
  • Certification and report generation
  • Instruments integration
  • Eliminate manual transcription errors
LENAVA LIMS, the best management solution for oil and gas laboratories

Accordingly testing laboratories need to acquire a high level of data management, data analysis and lab instruments integration to support the oil and gas industry in every step to deliver high-quality products with maximum efficiency. Lenava LIMS supports all kinds of testing labs by a high level of sample management, workflow management, data analysis and instruments integration.