Lab Management, at the most effective way!

Effective automation for Pharmaceutical labs using Lenava LIMS

Selecting appropriate LIMS in pharma is a big challenge for a company. Combinatorial chemistry, preclinical and clinical bioanalysis, manufacturing R&D, screening, analytical chemistry and production quality check all have unique needs and workflows. Lenava LIMS provides you with advanced analyzing and reporting tools to streamline processes in your pharma laboratory.
  • Extra customizability to meet pharma labs requirements
  • Cutting edge technology to support your lab through future changes
  • Compliant with regulations including ISO/IEC 17025
  • Comprehensive and organized database available for searches to provide complete visibility on compounds and clinical supplies all through their lifecycle
On the spot tracking
Likewise track sample from through reception, testing and result delivering procedure
Secure data storage
Of course safely store the data associated with the sample analysis and lab workflow
Instrument Management
Indeed easily calibrate, maintain and integrate lab instruments
ISO 17025 Compatible
Finally be sure about your lab meeting the latest standards
Lenava LIMS, your pharmaceutical laboratory assistant
Pharmaceutical labs need to collect data correctly and reliably. They also must protect data while increasing accuracy and efficiency. Complex and diverse tests and regulatory constraints make a powerful management software essential for pharma labs. Pharma lab data management software should automate and control sample testing and record and sort results data to ensure the tests fulfill regulatory requirements.  Lenava LIMS with diverse laboratory information management tools makes these challenges easy for you, helps your business to be more competitive and overcome market challenges and boosts operational efficiency. Lenava LIMS software is totally web-based. Our product is highly configurable and customizable for all pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Comprehensive test, sample and workflow management tools
  • Full analytical tools to meet different business needs
  • Optimize pharmaceutical laboratory workflows to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Highly suitable for R&D, QC and QA laboratories