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In fact as a solution provider team, we’ve started our journey to highly productive laboratories with our clients. Additionally increasing efficiency while keeping the highest rate of accuracy is a core value to us. Besides we believe that moving at the edge of technology with an advanced laboratory information management software is a necessity for being successful in every laboratory. In a word our expert team of scientists and software developers supports our clients all through the easiest way to manage laboratory information and make the most of it.

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Who we are

To illustrate we are an energetic and expert team of scientists, software developers and IT engineers. In addition we support you through issues occurring while managing laboratory information.


What we do

In the same way we are constantly developing our LIMS software (Lenava Lims) to meet the fast-growing needs of modern laboratories. Of course it manage the data they have extracted and shape a complete vision over all of the laboratory workflows and processes.


How we do it

In summary we believe in agility, innovation, teamwork and customer experience. Furthermore we seek the facts and we provide insights and solutions.

Our Expereince

Lenava LIMS, co-operation of science and technology

Fully Customizable
First Lenava LIMS brings flexibility and customizability to your laboratory information management system so you could easily move forward to changes.
Qualified Team Members
Second Lenava LIMS team members believe in knowledge, quality, proficiency and group work. Of course we bring together a team of scientists, software developers and IT engineers to investigate laboratory management needs and develop an appropriate solution for them.
Modern Technology
Third Lenava LIMS software leverages modern technology to provide our clients with a modern laboratory information management software. Equally important our LIMS software is based on Laravel framework, its compatible with ISO 17025 and has a responsive and intuitive interface.
Client Support
Finally our support team focus on providing our clients with a complete set of services to make the cost effective and correct use of the software. As well implementation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading, we support you all through the road of success.
mission and vision
Let’s manage with Lenava LIMS
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Truly our mission is to empower every laboratory with a professional and useful software assistant to record, manage and analyze every piece of data created within.

Consequently our vision is to achieve a highly productive laboratory atmosphere in different industries created by the co-operation of science and technology.

As well we believe in agility, innovation, teamwork and customer experience. Also we seek the facts and we provide insights and solutions.

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